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Get real. Get it from MeiGray.
We are the hobby's most trusted source of game-worn jerseys, because we're backed by the professional teams with which we sign agreements. And you're protected for life by our exclusive MeiGrade System of registration and documentation. Your passion is 100 percent genuine. Shouldn't your collection be, too?
For the fourth straight year, the USTA-MeiGray Match-Used Authentication Program witnessed every point and is auctioning items direct from the US Open. Click "see more" for a direct link to our current auctions.
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2015-16 PRE-ORDERS!
2015-16 NHL Pre-Orders are starting this week! Please be sure to send your requests to sales@meigray.com
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Now up for bid are NHL Goal Pucks scored by Claude Giroux, Pavel Datsyuk, Kris Letung, Ryan-Nugent Hopkins and many more! Click "see more" for a direct link to the auction.
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We've Doubled In Size to Better Serve You!
The MeiGray Group has moved from Suite C to Suite F! Click "see more" to learn why!
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