Storr, Jamie
Goalie Mask - Photo-Matched
Los Angeles Kings 1995-96

Kings netminder Jamie Storr wore this mask in 1994-95 while playing for both the Los Angeles Kings in the National Hockey League and the Owen Sound Platters in the Ontario Hockey League.

Storr was selected by the Kings 7th overall in the first round of the 1994 NHL Entry Draft. He played in 9 seasons for the Kings before playing in 2003-04 for the Carolina Hurricanes.

During the 1994-95 season Storr appeared in 5 games for the Kings, and 17 games for the Platters.

This mask has been photo-matched to Storr playing with both the Kings and the Platters. While playing for the Platters this mask is photo-matched to Getty Images number 53133263. With the Kings this mask is photo-matched to two hockey cards: Storr’s 1994-95 Leaf Phenoms card (#1) along with his 1994-95 OPC Premier card (#437), Evident in all is the diagonal chip below the nose of the pharaoh. 

This mask was custom made by Ed Cubberly, and features his trademark “C” cut out on each ear. Mask features a Egyptian motif with pharaoh and ankh. “Storzie” is on the back plate. Other Cubberly clients include; Byron Dafoe, Curtis Joseph, Mike Richter, Tom Barrasso, Sean Burke and more.

Mask has original padding and straps, and features nice use with numerous chips and scrapes.

A MeiGray LOA will accompany the mask.

Price: $5,500.00