Nicklaus, Jack *
1986 MacGregor Golf Clubs and Bag - Commemorative Set
Jack Nicklaus
Size: M

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This set of commemorative Jack Nicklaus Muirfield Golf Clubs was created by MacGregor in 1986. The clubs are stamped 20th and have a silhouette of the British Open Trophy on them. Although definitive information about these clubs is hard to find since MacGregor is out of business, it would be our educated guess that these clubs were made to commemorate Nicklaus' 1966 British Open win, the first of Nicklaus' three British Open titles.

This set is in great shape and includes irons 3 to 9, sand and pitching wedges and 1,3,4 and 5 woods. This set also includes the Nicklaus golf bag and a Datrek travel bag.

Price: $2,500.00