Mets’ Final Game MLB Authenticated Dirt Crystal

Shea Stadium

Here's a fantastic Holiday present for any Mets fan who fondly remembers Shea.

This handsome Lucite Crystal Paperweight commemorates Shea Stadium's final season. The brightly etched Shea Stadium 1964-2008 insignia is topped by an actual coin of Authenticated Dirt lifted from Shea Stadium's infield following the final game in Shea Stadium's illustrious 44-year history.

Each Paperweight will be shipped in an attractive gift box, with a certificate of authenticity from the Mets and MeiGray, the Official Source for Shea Memorabilia.

Each Paperweight weighs approximately two pounds, and is 5 inches tall, 3 inches wide at base, 2 inches wide at the top, and 1-2 inches thick from top to bottom.

The Shea Stadium dirt in this Lucite Crystal Paperweight was collected following the final game in Shea history, September 28, 2008. It was authenticated by Major League Baseball. The authenticity of this paperweight can be verified by the numbered hologram logged at

Shipping/handling is $12 in the US. Plus tax where applicable.

Price: $19.99
Mets’ Final Game MLB Authenticated Dirt Crystal<br><br>Shea Stadium <br>