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We've Doubled In Size to Better Serve You!

The hobby is growing and MeiGray is growing. Our 5,250-square foot warehouse, home of the annual MeiGray Expo and Warehouse Sale, starting bursting at the seams … and so we’ve doubled in size.

We are still at 185 Industrial Parkway in Branchburg, New Jersey. But by moving across the Business Center to our new two-story 10,500 square foot office/warehouse, Suite F, we now have a new lobby to greet you, more facility space to serve you, more warehouse space to store our game-worn jerseys, and more opportunity for you to visit “Your Source for Game-Worn Jerseys.”

We also have added more research space for MeiGray Authenticated, and a new photograph studio to better display the jerseys you want to see.

Stop by and visit anytime. To make an appointment call us at 908-541-0114.

Our new address:

MeiGray Group

185 Industrial Parkway

Suite F

Branchburg, New Jersey 08876

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