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Welcome to the 2014-15 MeiGray Game-Worn Jersey Authentication Program.

This is the program developed by the National Hockey League and MeiGray in 2002. It's the only Game-Worn Jersey Authentication Program that has been endorsed by the NHL and recommended to its member clubs.

For 2014-15, MeiGray has agreements with these 10 clubs: Boston, Columbus, Dallas, Edmonton, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Nashville, Philadelphia, Toronto and Washington.

We welcome the Columbus Blue Jackets to our program for the first time, and are delighted to be working with this up-and-coming club, which will be hosting the 2015 NHL All-Star Game.

And we're thrilled to re-partner with Toronto, which worked with MGG from 2002-2010.

One of the features of the MeiGray Authentication Program is the ability to pre-order your game-worn jersey. Because of our authenticity and security tagging procedures you can order your game-worn jersey now, watch your jersey as it is being worn on the ice, and then receive it after we obtain the jersey from the team.

Each team has structured its individual game-worn jersey program with MeiGray to best suit its fans and the collecting public.

In the coming days, NHL teams will be making their final cuts and preparing their rosters for Opening Night. As in past seasons, we will begin taking pre-orders next week, as we get close to each team's opener.

Our program details remain the same as last season:

* Once the jerseys are available and posted, you can pre-order a jersey online at meigray.com, or by calling us toll-free at 888-463-4472.

* Jerseys available for pre-order online will appear with PRE-ORDER after the Game Type.

* A 25% deposit will hold any jersey until it arrives at MGG. Balances WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY PROCESSED with the same credit card used for the deposit and jerseys will be shipped when they arrive unless the collector specifically notifies MGG to call or e-mail before processing. And in those cases, payment must be made within 10 days of notification or deposit will be forfeited.

* Refunds will not be given on cancelled pre-orders. You may change from one pre-ordered jersey to another, or you can use your deposit without penalty on an individual in-stock retail-priced item of equal or greater value. Only one deposit can be used on an in-stock item if you choose to exchange a pre-order.

* EXCEPTION: Full refunds will be given on pre-orders that cannot be fulfilled by the team or MGG due to non-delivery of the jersey, unavailability of the jersey due to circumstances out of the team or MGG's control, if a player does not play in the jersey, or if the jersey is retained by the club for historical purposes, or if the jersey cannot be made available due to NHL game circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

As we have been reaching out to each team to plan its inventory, special events, and set dates, we will begin posting team-by-team updates throughout the month.

MeiGray regularly talks to non-program teams about joining or rejoining our program. Announcements regarding additions to the 2014-15 lineup will be made if a team joins or re-joins the program.

Authenticity and Security-Tagging Process

Remains the same as in past seasons. All jerseys are pre-tagged with individual serial numbers, and jerseys are checked post-use by MGG to confirm use as reported by the teams.

Team Reporting Procedures to MGG

Remains the same as in past seasons. Team report the tag numbers as the sets are worn, and update MGG with relevant set information.

Customer Requests/Pre-Ordering

We have on file the team-by-team Customer Request lists, and have begun calling all collectors who have requested the opportunity to Pre-Order 2014-15 jerseys. Once we complete the request calls, we post the available Set 1 jerseys for pre-order on our website.

We will continue to offer our unparalleled level of customer service. We will continue to ensure absolute authenticity because we still maintain the ability to security-check the teams with whom we're working. We will continue to track the jerseys so you know what was worn, and when. Thanks for your continued business and loyalty.

We look forward to continuing the high authenticity standards MGG established in 1997 and brought to the NHL in 2002.

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