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In the news and at the forefront of jersey collecting.
November 17, 2005

MeiGray Group Announces Authenticating

Agreement with Getty Images



BRANCHBURG, NEW JERSEY _ MeiGray Group, the game-worn jersey company that directs the NHL-MGG Game-Worn Jersey Authentication Program, has entered into a working agreement with Getty Images that will enable game-worn jersey collectors to acquire enhanced photographic letters of authentication.


Under the new working agreement with the world’s pre-eminent sports photography studio, MeiGray has been authorized to download dated game-worn jersey images that conclusively authenticate game-worn jerseys sold by MeiGray under its MGG and MeiGray Vintage labels, and for the NHL-MGG Game-Worn Jersey Authentication Program.


“We know collectors love the Getty Images, but have been unable to purchase them individually,” said MGG President Barry Meisel. “Now, through this arrangement, they can.”


These enhanced photographic LOAs will be printed on high-quality 8 X 10 photo-paper stock. They will conclusively “photo-match” the jersey purchased and will include the NHL-MGG Authentication Program number, the date of the photo, and the location from which it was taken.


Collectors who pre-order NHL-MGG jerseys can also pre-order the enhanced photographic LOAs at that time by calling MeiGray toll-free at 888-463-4472. Collectors who have purchased game-worn jerseys in the past can also order enhanced photographic LOAs, where available.


The enhanced photographic letters of authenticity are priced as follows:

  • $35 for jerseys with a retail price of $495 or less. 
  • $50 for jerseys with a retail price of $695 or less.
  • $75 for jerseys with a retail price of $2,495 or less.
  • $100 for jerseys with a retail price of $2,500 or more that are already registered into the NHL-MGG Game-Worn Authenticaton Program or MeiGrade Registration System.

For jerseys not purchased from MeiGray that need to be Authenticated, this initial pricing tier applies to jerseys priced $1,000 or more: 

  • $100 for jerseys valued up to $1,495
  • $150 for jerseys valued up to $2,495
  • $200 for jerseys valued up to $3,995
  • $250 and up for jerseys valued $4,000 and higher, depending upon the hours of research necessary to authenticate the jersey.




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