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In the news and at the forefront of jersey collecting.
April 17, 2014

The 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs have begun … which means it’s time for MeiGray’s 2014 Grab Bag Season.

And do we have a deal for you!!

10 Top Prizes, two each from the five MGG teams in the playoffs: Boston, Colorado, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia.

Another 10 Grab Bags containing Boston, Colorado, Dallas, LA or Philly jerseys with a retail value of $895 or higher.

Another 30 Grab Bags containing Boston, Colorado, Dallas, LA or Philly jerseys with a retail value of $695 or higher.

And not only do you have a 1 in 10 chance to win one of 10 Top Prizes … but if one of MeiGray’s five teams reaches the Stanley Cup Final … YOU CAN BECOME ELIGIBLE TO WIN TWO TICKETS TO THE FINAL IN YOUR FAVORITE MGG TEAM’S CITY !!

At $495 per Grab Bag (plus shipping), there are only 100 available Grab Bags. So don’t miss out.

The Ten Top Prizes

· Dallas Stars, Valeri Nichushkin, 2013-14, Green, Mike Modano Night. Worn in First Period on March 8, 2014. K01017. Retail price, $3,750.

· Philadelphia Flyers, Claude Giroux, 2013-14, White Set 1. Worn on November 25, 2013. K02125. Retail price, $3,500.

· Dallas Stars, Jaromir Jagr, 2012-13, Black Set 1 with 20th Anniversary Patch. Worn on March 14, 2013. JH06036. Retail price, $3,250.

· Boston Bruins, Tyler Seguin, 2012-13, White Set 2 / Playoffs. JH00258. Retail price, $2,750.

· Colorado Avalanche, Gabriel Landeskog, 2013-14, Third Set 2. K01581. Retail price, $2,495.

· Philadelphia Flyers, Dan Carcillo, 2009-10, Stanley Cup Final White Set 1. G03515. Retail price, $2,000.

· Los Angeles Kings, Mike Richards, 2012-13, Black Set 3 / Playoffs. JH02762. Retail price, $1,995.

· Colorado Avalanche, Matt Duchene, 2012-13, White Set 1. JH01869. Retail price, $1,750.

· Los Angeles Kings, Dustin Brown, 2012-13, Black Set 1 w/C. Worn on February 15, 2013. JH02622. Retail price, $1,750.

· Boston Bruins, Dougie Hamilton, 2013-14, Third Set 1 w/90th Anniversary Patch. Retail price, $1,495.

The Other 90 Grab Bags:

· 18 each from Boston, Colorado, Dallas, Los Angeles or Philadelphia. Of these 90 Grab Bags, $20 have a retail value of $495, 30 have a retail value of $595, and the other 50 carry a retail value of $695 or more.

How You Can Win Tickets to the Stanley Cup Final:

· Call MGG at 908-541-0114 within 48 hours after you receive your Grab Bag. You will be asked to identify the jersey you received. When you register your jersey, you will be asked which MGG team you want to see in the Stanley Cup Final. If your team reaches the Final, you will be entered with all other Grab Bag entrants who picked your team. One Grab Bag entrant’s name will be chosen at random to receive two tickets to a home game in the Stanley Cup Final. YOU MUST CALL WITHIN 48 HOURS OF RECEIPT OF JERSEY.

Order your Grab Bag on-line at meigray.com.

Shipping is $20 in the US, $25 Alaska/Hawaii, $40 via UPS Expedited in Canada, $60-$80 overseas (depending upon country).

All Grab bags must be paid in full via credit card or PayPal.

MGG will not know who wins which jersey until collectors call or e-mail us to register their jerseys. All Grab Bag purchases will be final. NO RETURNS, EXCHANGES OR TRADES.

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