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In the news and at the forefront of jersey collecting.
April 22, 2013

Hello everybody,

I am very sorry to bring you this sad, sad news from MeiGray.

Ryan Folger, who began working here as an intern from Rutgers University in January 2011, and recently joined our sales department to direct our ebay auctions and sales, died early Sunday morning in North Brunswick, New Jersey, from injuries sustained in an automobile accident.

Ryan was 24.

Ryan, who graduated from Rutgers in June 2011, was a quiet, cheery, wonderful guy. He was a talented high school soccer player and an avid professional soccer fan. In the short time he was a member of the MGG family I know he communicated with a number of you, and I'm confident he enhanced your enjoyment of our hobby.

We are heartbroken here today.

MeiGray will be making a donation in Ryan's name to a charity of his family's choice.

We ask only that all of you remember to drive safely, and follow the automobile laws of our country that might seem annoying, but save lives.



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