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In the news and at the forefront of jersey collecting.
October 27, 2009

Welcome to the 2009-10 MeiGray Game-Worn Jersey Authentication Program. It’s the program developed by the National Hockey League and MeiGray in 2002 and is the only Game-Worn Jersey Authentication Program that has been endorsed by the NHL and recommended to its member clubs.

For 2009-10, MeiGray has agreements with these 14 clubs: Atlanta, Boston, Calgary, Colorado, Dallas, Edmonton, New Jersey, Nashville, New York Rangers, Ottawa, Philadelphia, Toronto, Vancouver, and Washington. Each team will structure its individual game-worn jersey program with MeiGray to best suit its fans and the collecting public.

MeiGray regularly talks to non-program teams about joining or rejoining our program. Announcements regarding additions to the 2009-10 lineup will be made as soon as a team joins or re-joins the program.


Authenticity and Security-Tagging Process

Remains the same as in past seasons.

Team Reporting Procedures to MGG

Remains the same as in past seasons.

Regular Home and Road Inventory

For 2009-10, program teams are scheduled to wear three sets of home dark jerseys and three sets of road white jerseys.  As exceptions and changes occasionally occur, any changes to this standard inventory will be announced as they are finalized and confirmed.

  • Set 1 (home and road) was introduced at the start of the NHL training camp and preseason, and will be worn approximately two to two and a half months into the regular season.
  • Set 2 (home and road) will be worn for approximately two to two and a half months during the middle of the regular season.
  • Set 3 (home and road) will be worn for approximately the final month of the regular season, and into the Stanley Cup Playoffs.


Third Jersey Inventory

For 2009-10, these teams will be wearing Third jerseys: Atlanta (in 15 games), Boston (12), Colorado (new Third, 11), Dallas (20), Edmonton (15), Nashville (new Third, 12), Ottawa (10), Philadelphia (12), Toronto (14), Vancouver (15).  These teams are scheduled to wear two sets of jerseys an equal number of times. The number of games in which the Thirds will be worn is subject to changes during the season. We will announce the schedules when the season begins.

Inventory Changes

Edmonton (home navy becomes Third and blue Vintage Third becomes home).

Philadelphia (home black becomes Third and orange Third becomes home).

Special Set Inventory

Colorado, Joe Sakic Night on October 1, 2009.

Calgary, Vintage jersey to be worn five times in 2009-10: Oct. 1, Oct. 6, Jan. 2, Jan 30 and Mar. 11.

New Jersey Devils, green and red St. Patrick’s Day Throwback on March 17, 2010.

Philadelphia and Boston, Winter Classic on Jan. 1, 2010.

Program Inventory Updates

Any individual adjustments (additional jerseys in a set for a player, additional jerseys for special nights, Special One-Game Sets for Special or Historical Events) will be recorded ... and that information will be shared with collectors as soon as the information is confirmed by the team.

Pre-season Gamers

Set 1 begins with the start of training camp and the NHL preseason. Players who play in training camp scrimmages and/or preseason but do not play in the regular season can be requested, but their jerseys, if available, will not arrive until after the 2009-10 season ends.

Customer Requests/Pre-Ordering

We have kept the team-by-team Customer Request lists, and will be calling all collectors who have requested the opportunity to Pre-Order 09-10 jerseys. We expect to begin the Pre-Ordering process tomorrow  in anticipation of the October 1 kickoff to the NHL season.

We will publicize the 2009-10 Pre-Ordering Procedures in a separate post before we begin accepting Pre-Orders.

We will continue to offer our unparalleled level of customer service. We will continue to ensure absolute authenticity because we still maintain the ability to security-check the teams with whom we're working. We will continue to track the jerseys so you know what was worn, and when.

Thanks for your continued business and loyalty.

We look forward to continuing the high authenticity standards MGG established in 1997 and brought to the NHL in 2002.

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