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In the news and at the forefront of jersey collecting.
May 1, 2006

What: Third Annual NHL-MeiGray Game-Worn Jersey Expo


When: Saturday, July 29, 2006 (9 a.m.-4 p.m.)


Where: Bridgewater, New Jersey Marriott. 700 Commons Way, Bridgewater, NJ 08807 … Five minutes from MeiGray’s offices in Branchburg, NJ … 35 minutes from Newark Airport ... Special Expo room rate of $89 available through July 7. Ask for NHL-MeiGray Game-Worn Jersey Expo. Marriott’s toll-free number is 888-542-0300. Hotel’s direct number is 908-927-9300.



  • MGG to host a Friday night hotel Hospitality Suite.
  • Guest Speakers To Be Announced
  • Dealer tables, $175
  • Collector tables, to be offered once available space is determined.
  • 4 p.m. After-Show Tour of MeiGray’s 5,200-square foot facility
  • First Crack at Summer Sale Inventory
  • An array of Unbelievable Jerseys on Display: 
    • MeiGray Vintage
      1. Gordie Howe-Mark Howe-Marty Howe trio of N.E. Whalers
      2. Toe Blake, Montreal Canadiens wool
      3. Wayne Gretzky, Edmonton Oilers, photo-matched
      4. Mario Lemieux, Pittsburgh Penguins, photo-matched
      5. And many many more classics from the NHL and WHA 
    • The Best of 2005-2006 from NHL-MGG
      1. Alex Ovechkin’s Goal of the Season Jersey
      2. Jaromir Jagr’s NY Ranger Record-Breaking Jersey
      3. And more to be determined once the Quest for the Cup Concludes

 $15 Registration Fee

  • Expo admission.
  • MeiGray Tour, First opportunity to take advantage of Summer Sale.
  • Register in advance and get $50 off coupon on any future in-stock jersey purchase of $250 or greater after Expo.




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