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In the news and at the forefront of jersey collecting.
April 17, 2006

PRINCETON, N.J. - The ECHL in association with the Professional Hockey Players' Association and The MeiGray Group on Tuesday announced the 2nd Annual Captains' Club Jersey Auction to benefit the Membership Assistance Program (MAP).

Game-worn jerseys from the Captain of each of the 25 teams in the Premier 'AA' Hockey League will be auctioned online at ECHL.com, MeiGray.com and PHPA.com beginning Apr. 17 at 6 p.m. ET and continuing until May 1 at 6 p.m. ET.

The Captain's Club Jersey Auction was initiated in 2004 in an effort to help fund the Membership Assistance Program which provides all PHPA Members and their families access to counseling services when dealing with personal, work-related, and behavioral health concerns.

"The Captains' Club is a great way for fans and collectors alike to obtain a one-of-a-kind piece of game-worn memorabilia, while assisting all ECHL Players and their families through this unique program," said PHPA Executive Director, Larry Landon.


Without question, Captains are considered team leaders, and as such, are greatly respected by their teammates. This strong captain-player bond allows Captains to encourage their teammates to seek assistance for matters that require extra attention both on and off the ice. As such, the Captains' Club initiative was begun to fund the Membership Assistance Program.

The PHPA established the Membership Assistance Program (MAP) to provide its Members access to confidential support services for personal, work-related and behavioral health concerns, such as emotional and psychological problems (including anxiety, anger and depression), stress, family and marital issues, bereavement, sexual abuse, addictions and general health issues.

In that spirit, the PHPA holds an annual auction where the Fans can get closer to this exclusive group of players while at the same time assisting the teammates those Captains lead into battle. Keep an eye out for the annual ECHL Captains' Club jersey auction at mid-season.

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