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Game-worn jersey collectors speak a language all their own. Here's your guide to the lingo:

Alt. - Alternate-style jersey. Many NHL teams have created a third jersey, worn on special occasions, in addition to their home (white) and road (colored) jerseys.

Auto. - Jersey has been autographed by player.

G.I. - Game-issued. This is a jersey prepared for a player's use, but never worn by the player in an exhibition, regular-season, or playoff game. Game-issued jerseys occur for a variety of reasons:
  • Jerseys are produced for marginal players who might not get into any games.
  • Sets of jerseys are produced for teams who anticipate making the playoffs, but don't.
  • Extra jerseys are occasionally produced for players (like fighters) in case of emergency.
NNOB. - No name on back.

NOBR. - Name on back removed.

Orig 6. - Original 6 (also known as "Turn Back the Clock"). This refers to the NHL concept in which the Original 6 teams wore special occasion jerseys to replicate jerseys from a vintage era in their NHL history. These jerseys were worn by Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Montreal, New York Rangers, and Toronto in 1991-92. Detroit wore them again in 1993-94.

Pr. or Prac. - Practice jersey.

Pre. - Preseason.

Rest. - Restored. Something on the jersey was removed, replaced, or otherwise changed from its original condition.

TBTC - Turn back the clock. (See Original 6.)

TC - Training camp.

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