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About Us|Bios|The MeiGrade System
The MeiGrade System: game-worn, without a doubt.

The MeiGrade System has changed the face of sports memorabilia collecting. No other company has anything like it. Since our introduction in 1997, we have registered more than 45,000 game-worn jerseys into this exclusive documentation system.

Whenever a collector buys a game-worn jersey from The MeiGray Group, both the collector and the jersey are automatically registered into The MeiGrade System at no extra charge.

If you're a collector in the secondary market - buying and trading with other collectors - you can use our registry to confirm the provenance of jerseys. Or, if you've got a jersey that was bought elsewhere and can document its history, we'll register it for you. We tag and identify each jersey, store the details in our inventory database, and offer lifetime protection by keeping the records of that jersey and its owner on permanent file. Just like a fingerprint. Because no two game-worn jerseys are identicalÂ…unless they're fakes.

The MeiGrade System protects every purchase and helps collectors confirm their game-worn jersey's authenticity should they ever want to sell or trade it. One call to The MeiGrade System's toll-free number, 888-463-4472 (888-4MEIGRAY), will verify its authenticity, its rightful owner, and the original source: the team.

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