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About Us
About Us|Bios|The MeiGrade System
Bring Integrity to game-worn jersey collecting.

The MeiGray Group was formed by Barry Meisel and Bob Gray, two sports memorabilia collectors from New Jersey who met in January 1997 trading game-worn hockey jerseys. We began selling game-worn jerseys to the sports-collecting public in August 1997.

Most of the game-worn jerseys we offer come directly from the pro sports teams with which we sign working agreements. We currently have agreements with the:
  • National Hockey League (NHL)
  • National Basketball Association (NBA)
  • Washington Redskins (NFL)
  • USA Hockey
  • United States Tennis Association / US Open
  • San Diego Chargers (NFL)
  • ECHL
Every jersey we sell is registered into The MeiGrade System, the exclusive registry we created to track and protect the authenticity of game-worn jerseys. It's the industry's most powerful stamp of approval.

Authenticity is the problem; we are the solution.
Game-worn jersey collecting has skyrocketed over the last decade. But jersey authenticity has been a troubling issue, for teams, dealers and collectors alike. There are far too many jerseys falsely advertised as "game-worn." We have created vital partnerships with pro sports teams to improve the integrity of the distribution of these valuable collectibles, protecting collectors and fans from getting ripped off.

The teams appreciate how we have raised the level of professionalism of the hobby, and the unique expertise we have in properly marketing these highly coveted jerseys. With our help, countless pro teams have reached their financial and charitable goals.

Standout service makes us unique.
We have sold more than 29,000 jerseys and have never had one returned because of doubts of authenticity. Not one. And that's not the only difference between MeiGray and our competitors. Unlike many of them, we:
  • Accept all major credit cards and Paypal without imposing a surcharge.
  • Provide a toll-free telephone number.
  • Provide a no-questions-asked return and refund policy.
  • Issue regular e-mail offerings.
  • Ship money-order and credit-card orders within 48 hours.
  • Ship our jerseys in durable display boxes, with an extra layer of hard-corrugated cardboard for protection.
Unparalleled professionalism is the MeiGray way.
Our office is open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. And our voicemail and e-mail systems operate 24 hours a day. Built on solid financial ground, we are fully insured and have protection against shipping losses with UPS and FedEx.

We price our jerseys fairly, usually charging less than our competitors for similar products. But we still pay as much or more for our merchandise, because our long-range business plan and secure financial situation permit us to reach for a smaller profit margin.

The MeiGrade System shows our commitment to you, the collector, after the sale. Whether you buy one jersey or 100, once your name is registered into our system your purchase is protected forever.

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